Sani Bello Foundation Releases Prisoners

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia.

Sani Bello Foundation secured the release of 32 inmates with civil cases from kontagora medium prisons in Niger State. The step was taken in a bid to decongest the Kontagora Medium Prison.

The Director General of the foundation, Mr Zakari Ikani who was at the prisons to check the level of the inmates crimes discovered that some of them had civil cases, and after asking for the permission of the foundation’s Chairman, Colonel Sani Bello (rtd), the 32 inmates were released.

The cases against the inmates were minor cases like street figting, night crawling and thuggery. 
Speaking to the ex-convicts after their realease, Ikani urged them to be law abiding in the society to aviod future reoccurence.

He said that the foundation would rehabilitate the inmates and train them on various skills to enable them integrate into the society. The DG further stated that the foundaton will continue to ensure thaat the youths in the state are adequately reoriented to become leaders in their given profession.

The inmates were very happy to regain their freedom and pledge to be of good behaviour in other to forestall a reoccurance. 
The Foundation also donated Items llike grains, beverages, toiletries, blankets, bathing soaps, serving plates to the prisons for the upkeep of the remaining inmates in the prison.

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