Sani Bello Foundation in collaboration with Graceland Healthcare development foundation carried out free General surgeries for patients.

Sani Bello Foundation collaborated with Graceland Healthcare development foundation in other to give free medical surgeries to ailing patients at the general hospital kontagora, Niger State. Sani Bello Foundation in her quest to help bring succour to the needing and less privileged, organized surgical operations for patients suffering from ailment which includes Fibroid, appendicitises, Goitre, Lumps, Hernia, Hydroceole etc.

Exactly 335 surgeries were performed on men and women both young and old. The medical screening started on Wednesday 18th, April 2018, while surgeries started on Thursday 19th, April 2018 and ended on Saturday. Patients who underwent minor surgeries were discharged and given drugs as soon as the surgery was over. while patients with major surgeries such as Fibroid, appendicitises, Goitre, Cesarean section etc. were admitted for proper monitoring and were later discharged as soon as they were okay to go home.

It should be noted that this is the second time, Sani Bello foundation will collaborate with Graceland Healthcare development foundation in other to diagnose and and perform free medical surgeries for people at the kontagora General Hospital.

The Vice chairman Alh. Usman Sani Bello of Sani Bello foundation insisted that the foundation will not relent in her effort to continuing impacting lives. He also noted that the medical outreach was solely financed by Col. Sani Bello (rtd). “Our motive is to help those in need, to bring smile to the faces of the poor and the needy. There is no cost to human life; that is why we work at changing the lives of people and bringing a smile to their faces. It is really a priceless gift.” He appreciated the effort of the state government for lending the foundation the hospital and human resources. He also promised that the foundation will try to expand her medical care to cut across other local governments in the state. Bello said that the medical outreach is the second time SBF will collaborate with Graceland Healthcare development foundation for general medical outreach, adding that 358 people benefited from the medical outreach in 2017.

The Director General (Zakari Ikani) addressing the press during the medical outreach said: “Although our target is 300 patients, but as of now we have over 500 people who came out for the medical outreach. So we decided to attend to the major and emergency cases first. Those who cannot be handled, whose cases are minor will have to come back in the next medical outreach.” He also commended the effort of the the Graceland Healthcare development foundation for always ready to collaborate with the foundation in this regards. He hailed the relentless effort of the chairman of the foundation; Col Sani Bello (rtd) for his vision to bring succour to the masses.

Mr Mohammed Sani Najumai, a residence of kontagora who is also a beneficiary of the medical outreach said “I didn’t belive surgery can be free, when I heard about it, I thought I wouldn’t be able to afford it, but when I got to the hospital I realized everything was free. I want to thank Col. Sani Bello (rtd) for always coming to the aid of the less privileged, even though we can’t pay him back, myself and other beneficiaries will continue to pray for him and his family. I also want to solicit that other privileged people should emulate what col. Sani Bello is doing, I belive if we have more people like him all over the country, there will be more relief to the needy.”

Another beneficiary; Deborah Ewaje who had Goitre for 15 years said that she had tried treating it with other medical means but it returned adding that she missed the first outreach but had to ensure that she came early for this outreach.

Hadiza Mai Angwan who also benefited from the outreach came from Gwada in Shiroro local government area said she is being queued to be operated for fibroid. According to her, she has been treating the fibroid for with herbs but there have been no relieve hoping that the operation will bring an end to the ailment that had cost her alot.

Sani Bello Foundation is an NGO which is known for helping the needy and the helpless with various social service programme. The foundation has various divisions which includes a vocational Training Centre where youths are being trained in various vocational skill and are afterwards empowered with soft loans to start their own businesses. Other divisions of the foundation are Mustapha comprehensive school, Social Community Development, Medical Care.

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